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Canadian-Chinese Farmer and Farm Start Annual Investor Workshop Hamilton Print E-mail


The Canada-China Agriculture and Food Development Exchange Centre is proud to announce their upcoming Canadian-Chinese Farmer and Farm Start Investor workshop in Hamilton this February 16, 2013. Over the last 5 years, the CCAgr has managed to become quite popular with the Canadian-Chinese community through their efforts and will be welcoming more than 70 investors from across Canada, U.S. and China to this workshop. The topics of discussion will include:

  1.  How to invest in Canadian agriculture and agri-food opportunities
  2.  How to successfully manage your Canadian agri-business
  3. How to operate your agri-business in Canada  through environmentally sound and regulated practices
  4. How to prepare your agricultural business for Canadian and Chinese marketing
  5. How to become a responsible farmer/agri-business owner and contribute to Canada's local economy

The CCAgr started this Canadian-Chinese Farmer and Farm Start Investor workshop almost 5 years ago. Through their agricultural experience, connections, and translation services, the CCAgr has managed to attract the interest of many investors over the years and has become a trusted and valuable resource in the Canadian-Chinese community.  Through these annual workshops, the CCAgr continues to promote investment in Canada’s agricultural industry, local economy, local food movement and export. Over the years, the CCAgr has managed to help many Canadian-Chinese purchase and invest in Canadian agriculture. Some of these ventures included: beef and poultry processing plants, vineyards and wineries, grain operations, ginseng farms, and greenhouses. Our main goal is to integrate these investors into Canada’s business and agricultural sector and assist in creating a more viable economy.  The CCAgr has been so successful in organizing these workshops and seminars thanks to the support of friends, colleagues and Canada’s local government.

The speakers at this event will include local farmers and Canadian agricultural companies seeking investment for their business and to export their products.  In the future, the CCAgr plans to hold similar investment seminars in other provinces with the help of our provincial Farm Start Managers. We have already received many calls from people interested in investing in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.  We hope to work with Canadian producers and agricultural organizations to further our success and strengthen these events.

               investment seminarChinese farmer

                beef processing plantChinese farmer


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