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Mr.Youming zhao


    Youming Zhao (pronounced “You-Me”), P.Ag. M.Sc., was born and raised in a rural area of eastern China.  He first studied agriculture at the university-level in China. He has also graduated from the National University of Ireland (UCD) and the University of Toronto in Canada. While attending UCD, Youming received a scholarship from the Irish government for his research in agricultural environments.

    Youming has over 25 years of experience within the Chinese and Canadian agricultural and agri-food industries. He has worked as an agricultural specialist for the provincial Chinese government. In 1991, Youming led a group of fifteen people to Helsinki, Finland for a five-month food and meat science training program. He also has experience as a biotech developer at a scientific academy and has also been tremendously successful as a technology sales representative for a technology market in China.

    After immigrating to Canada in 2000, Youming studied and worked for three years at the University of Toronto. For the last several years, he has worked in the flower and horticulture sectors in the Golden Horseshoe area of Ontario. He joined the Ontario Institute of Agrologists in 2002 and was promoted to a Professional Agrologist in 2004 after passing all exams and completing his articling period. Youming has gained extensive knowledge of Canadian agricultural and agri-food through wide contact with other senior agrologists and professional training programs.

    During the last five years, Youming has worked hard to promote Chinese-Canadian immigration and assist Chinese immigrants establish farms in Canada. Annually, Youming and his team organize farm start seminars and online training programs to help Chinese farmers adapt to Canadian agricultural techniques. These seminars have become very popular. In July 2013, Youming also earned his realtor license. He hopes that this license will further assist him in promoting his farm start program and also allow him to become deeply involved in the market of Canadian farms. 

    Youming is a strong advocate of Canada-China cooperation and exchange in agricultural, agri-food and life sciences. He is also aware of the potential of Canadian products in the Chinese marketplace and has worked hard to promote exports to China. Youming’s fluency in Mandarin and English, his knowledge of Eastern and Western cultures, his broad educational background and his global work experience assist him as he dedicates himself to Canadian agriculture, the Canadian regulatory system and the opportunities Canada offers in the booming Chinese marketplace.


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