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Canada-China Agriculture, Food Development Excahnge Centre
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Our Experience

Our Experience

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This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Skype: ccagrcanada 


416 642 3890




Suite 1003,150 Main Street West

Hamilton, ON  L8P 1H8



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Suite 2108,

1 Zhongguancun

South Street,

Beijing, China

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 We operate the following services:


Service Name


  Price  Range


CCAgr organizes various academic and business missions, shows, delegations, conferences, and seminars for our members and the public in China and Canada, such as CCAgr-Team Canada , a mission team to China.  

In Canada: Conference and seminar fees start at $25.00 per participant.


In China: Participants will pay administrative fees plus other costs, such as air fare and hotel. 


All payments are due in advance.


CCAgr-Partner Match

CCAgr helps you find the most suitable partner for your business from our list of members. Each partner will have a similar background and common interests so that both can achieve their goals through this partnership.

Rates are calculated on a per project basis and size of company.

Small organizations (under 10 employees)

Medium-sized organizations (between 11-20 employees)

Large organizations (over 20 employees)


Payment is due when both parties agree that the partnership is mutually beneficial.

All payments are non- refundable.    




CCAgr offers various training programs in agricultural science, technology, management, trade and economic policy.

Customized training services start at $100.00 per day, per person for groups of ten or more


Note: Prices are higher for groups less than ten.



Technology Market

We represent Canadian technology in the Chinese market. We will apply our proven successful methods throughout our wide network to promote your products in order to find you the most suitable buyers.

pay a reasonable commission


Our payment is only due when your company receives its payment and it  is non-refundable.



CCAgr’s consulting services include research, report writing and feasibility and market analyses.

Consulting rates are calculated on a per project basis. Please contact us for a free quote on your project today.


CCAgr-Labour  Pool

To address Canadian agricultural labour shortages, we work with local Chinese governments to supply Canadian agricultural companies with skilled Chinese workers.  Canadian employers must comply with Canadian foreign agricultural labour laws.  



An advertising fee is paid to lawyer in trust that you are serious; then paid to the registered person working with CCAgr after the worker lands in Canada and starts working for your company.


CCAgr provide its members with the latest information in the field of agriculture, including science and technology, markets, policy and other areas of interest.



Free to all members.




Please add your email address into our free-newsletter email list on the left side if you want to receive the latest news.


CCAgr-Customized Services

We also supply our customer with additional services based on their special requests.


Our rates are calculated on a per project basis.


We encourage our members and the public to provide their valuable suggestions so that we can serve you better.      


Your support will influence and help to shape the success of the CCAgr — now and in the future. 


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