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Canada-China Agriculture, Food Development Excahnge Centre
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Our Experience

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Sell Your Agri- Products to China! Start Your Export Business Today!

Our Export Assistance

To promote Canadian agricultural product export to China is our top priority. China has changed the way the world does agri-business.  No longer merely the manufacturing centre of the world, export to China its growing middle and upper income level, and a dynamically evolving economy has created opportunities for our Canadians. Today every Canadian agriculture, agri-food company needs a "China Strategy". We represent Canadian agriculture, the Canadian regulatory system and the opportunities Canada has in the booming Chinese marketplace.   

Exporting is an effective way to grow your business.  Exporting diversifies market ricks, extends product life cycles, uses idle capacity and reduces unit cost.  CCAgr can assist your business in developing ways to reap the benefits of exporting. In assessing export strategies and opportunities, CCAgr recognizes each organization’s unique needs on the product or service and industry levels.

We have expertise in bridging the gaps between the Eastern and Western business cultures and can be your link to new markets.

CCAgr can act as your intercontinental business development team or as corporate consultants to assist your organization in finding the best solutions to your challenges and in developing strategies to meet your organization’s goals.  Once we identify your business’ exclusive market entry strategy, CCAgr will arrange the top suited steps in order to take your agri-product or service into the new markets.

Our export assistance services include:  
  1. Extensive aid available for researching the Chinese marketplace as well as assistance with appropriately and successfully integrating your company's products and services into the Chinese market.   The market entry strategies we created for you will dramatically increase your probabilities to success in the Chinese marketplace.
  2. The development of a Chinese marketplace entrance strategy for your company’s product.  In order to do a thorough market research we must fully understand key market and industry information related to your particular agri-product(s) or services and we pride ourselves in working very diligently in this area.
  3. Assistance with the promotion of your product in the Chinese marketplace through the use of our numerous connections within the Chinese business sector as well as with the organization of promotional events, newspaper articles and other forms of media attention.
  4. Advertisement on our two Chinese websites. Our websites are tailored to meet the specific needs of Chinese and Chinese-Canadian farmers, making them a popular and frequently viewed site for those wishing to stay up-to-date with pertinent information.
  5. Arrangements to connect you to and assist you with building lasting relationships with your Chinese buyers, suppliers, partners, industry leaders and local governments.   We will facilitate contract negotiations, preparing you for the shift into international sales.  We have a greater advantage than some with having an office in China.  We can assist you in setting up overseas offices too.
  6. We organize our Canadians to attend trade agricultural missions, exhibitions, and conferences in China. 

Products for export

Please click on the picture below to see a video of how we can help you export your products today!

 Export your products to China YouTube video

To see an example of our export assistance, please click here.   


Why is CCAgr an invaluable resource to you?

  • We have a growing list of clients 
  • We are agriculture professionals who know Canadian agriculture and farm business
  • Our employees are highly skilled and certified Real Estate professionals and understand the land transfer procedures  
  • We offer many programs for investors to set a farm in Canada
  • We promote local food and Canadian good agricultural practices to new farmers. 
  • We are an honest, well trusted company with high ethical standards
  • We have the one of most respected and popular farm and agribusiness websites (web1,     web2 ) and newsletters for Chinese Canadian investors. 
  • Here is an example of our ads: Farm in PEI,  Video for Blueberry Farm for sale in Ontario,  
  • We are the specialists for Chinese market. We edit, translate and make your advertisement/video in Chinese way !


Interested in exporting your agriculture and agri-food products on our websites?  Here are your options:


Payment Options:
A.  Interac Email Money Transfer - Safe and fast! interac logo

Log in to your Canadian bank account, and transfer your payment to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

B. Cheque

Make payable to:     Canada-China Agriculture and Food Development Exchange Centre

C. In person at your bank

Make payable to:     Canada-China Agriculture and Food Development Exchange Centre
                                 Bank Account: Royal Bank of Canada 

In order to ensure your payment is received, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to confirm your transaction.

Click here to see examples of our current product listings.

If you are interesting in learning more about China's market and demand for Canadian agricultural and agri-food products, please click here


You can also check our Canadian Agriculture and Agri-food Exporting Lists in our Chinese website by clicking here.

We encourage you to Contact us  and take your boat to China! Please don't miss out this time!