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Canada-China Agriculture, Food Development Excahnge Centre
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Our Experience

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Our Canada-China Agriculture and Agri-food  Research and  Development  Support Services

 So are you a Canadian scientist or researcher and want to undertake effective research and development with a  Chinese partner?

 Yes, you found the  right place.
Our R & D Support Services include:

  • Helping you locate and select the most suitable partners from a pool of qualified candidates.
  • Assess their R&D capability and history.  Furthermore, an evaluation of their honesty and integrity through the use of our sources will be vitally important to your venture.
  • Establishment of connections with Chinese agriculture and agri-food R &D organizations or companies.  
  • Help you establish contact with an appropriate lawyer and deal with negotiations.
  • We will oversee these interactions and will ensure that your best interests are met.  
  • Help you and a Chinese partner apply for Canada-China Science and Technology Cooperation Grant from each government.  
  • We also offer technology transfer services (see below) .
  • Throughout the process we hope to gain your feedback which will help us understand your level of satisfaction and how to better assist your company.


 Why do you need us to transfer agriculture, agri-food technology to China?   The reasons are simple:
1. We have more than twenty-five years Canada-China
    agriculture and agri-food industry experience.
2. We have technology transfer specialists with
    tremendously successful records in the Chinese
    technology market.
3. We connect to Chinese local governments, industry
   leaders and major companies.
4. We know the culture, language and regulatory system.
Technology transfer to China

The main procedures for our technology transfer are:
1. Inventions 
2. Assessment
3. Intellectual Property Protection 
4. Marketing
5. Licensing
6. Products and Services
7. Royalty and Development Income                 
procedures for technology transfer



Our Successful  R & D support Story

SRI Inc. enrolled the services of the Canada-China Agriculture and Food Development Exchange Centre (CCAgr) in early 2009.  Our mission was to develop networks and relationships with government and academic entities and explore technology and personnel exchange opportunities between Universities and Industries.

Youming Zhao and his team were instrumental in assisting SRI Inc. in achieving every mission objective while in China.  Zhao’s contacts run strong and wide throughout China and his understanding of the culture and language enriched our experience.     

We look forward to continue working with the CCAgr and our new friends in China during the coming months and years ahead.

George Scott

President of SRI Inc. Ontario, Canada
 China agritour, China agribusiness  China agricultural tour, Canada-China  Business



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