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Canada-China Agriculture, Food Development Excahnge Centre
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Our Experience

Our Experience

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 Canadian Agri-Tours to China

 -------25 years of Canadian-Chinese agri-industry experience to serve you!

Upcoming Events:

Winter: March Break Luxury Agri-Tour

Summer: Agricultural Exploration Tour

Fall: Agricultural Harvest Tour 

We organize Canadian Agri-tours and Missions to China all Year Round

Ask your relatives, friends and/ or other agri-businessmen you feel would benefit from our missions to China.  Make it an enjoyable time you won’t soon forget, as well as being a successful business venture that will help to grow your agri-business. 
At CCAgr time is taken with each group to customize the tour to their needs, wants & desires.

It is of great importance to make sure each client’s needs are being met in order to save them time and money and deliver the exemplary customer service that we are known for.

 Mission to China

The Canada-China Agriculture and Food Development Exchange Centre (CCAgr) is a leading organization in promoting Canada-China relations in both agriculture and the agri-food industry.  In the past several years, CCAgr has organized several successful tours to China, including the China Agri-business Tour in Feb 2009, the 2010 Canadian Beef Industry Tour, as well as other agri-tours and agri-business missions to China.  Due to the resoundingly success of these tours, CCAgr feels confident moving forward and pleased to offer their professional expertise to all Canadians.

Our team of professionals carefully and thoughtfully plan these expeditions with over 25 years of Canada-China agricultural experience that will ensure that we will offer a friendly, informative, convenient and enjoyable experience for all participants, even if you have never travelled abroad.  “We guarantee that this trip will be an unforgettable experience," says Youming Zhao, P.Ag, and President of CCAGR.

Give us a call today and plan to join us on our next tour......

Farms in China

Welcome to the CCAgr’s Canadian Agri-Tours to China

    China is one of the largest agriculture and agri-food consuming countries in the world and it has a dynamically evolving economy. The explosive growth of the Chinese economy has created fabulous opportunities for Canadian businesses.  “Going China" is no longer an option for most Canadian organizations, but a necessity.  

     This highly interactive tour to China has been specially designed to help Canadian farmers, agri-organizations and businesses such as yours learn more about the world’s most dynamic agricultural and agri-food industry and to discover new opportunities.      

     Canadians particularly receive a warm welcome when you visit China.

    Click here to find out WHY!

So, let’s take a trip to China now.

 --- Meet hospitable Chinese people

 ---Experience over 5000 years of history, agriculture, amazing landscape and ancient culture  

 ---Witness the latest Chinese economic achievements and opportunities

 ---Gain an understanding of modern Chinese politics

 ---Become part of China's future


 China Agritour, China tour, China business tour 
                         Please watch the Video: Welcome to China


Fast Facts about China and Chinese Agriculture

  1. Population 1.3 billion, about one-fifth of the world’s population
  2. Cultivated land: only seven percent of the world's cultivated land
  3. Life expectancy: total population: 72.88 years male: 71.13 years female: 74.82 years (2007 est.)
  4. Chinese Ethnic groups: Han, Zhuang, Uygur, Hui, Yi, Tibetan, Miao, Manchu, Mongol, Buyi, Korean, and other nationalities ( total 56 ethnic groups !!)
  5. Languages: Standard Chinese or Mandarin (Putonghua), Yue (Cantonese), Wu (Shanghainese), Minbei (Fuzhou), Minnan (Hokkien- people in Taiwan), Xiang, Gan, Hakka dialects, minority languages (see Ethnic groups entry)
  6. GDP growth: 9.6%
  7. GDP per capita: US$6.800.00
  8. Adult literacy: 86%
  9. Internet users: 200 million
  10. Religions: Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Christianity
  11. Number of Chinese characters: over 56, 000
  12. China adopted the policy of reform in its rural areas in 1978
  13. Today China leads the world in the outputs of grain, cotton, rapeseed, leaf tobacco, meat, eggs, aquatic products and vegetables
  14. China entered into the WTO in 2001

Why do you need to join a CCAgr Canadian Agri-Tour to China?

1. Strong Canadian Team Image
Most of the events in China are international. Our strong CCAgr-Team Canada will leave all attendees with an unforgettable impression and as a team, we will be very effective.

2. Save Money
First, the CCAgr sincerely appreciates your trust and only seeks to recover basic costs. Secondly, we organize all companies’ participants as a group; therefore, the cost per individual is reduced.

3. Save Time
We understand and appreciate your busy schedules for your important business or academic activities. So let the CCAgr to do the work for you.

4. Avoid Hassles
Our staff has more than 25 years of agricultural industry experience in both China and Canada. We will help you overcome cultural, language and regulatory system barriers, as well as the other common hassles of traveling overseas.

5. Variety & Choice
Besides general agri-tours, we have flexible, tailored-made tours to suit your specific needs, including Canadian Greenhouse Tours, Canadian Dairy Tours, Canadian Fruit Growers Tours and Canadian Landscape Tours to meet the needs of our Canadian travelers.

25 years of Canadian-Chinese agri-industry experience to serve you! 

Who Should Attend?

The CCAgr’s Canadian Agri-Tours to China are designed for Canadian farmers, agriculture and agri-food organizations and business owners, who want to gain a broad understanding of the world’s most dynamic economy, assess and explore specific business opportunities, and initiate the networks and partnerships that are necessary for sustainable business in China. Participants will have the opportunity to meet with key business and government influencers in China. To actively promote Canadian and Chinese cooperation and exchange in agriculture, agri-food and life sciences, we encourage you to attend this small and agri -focused mission.

Key Highlights:

  1. Small groups with customized services and focus on agriculture and agri-foods
  2. Meetings with Chinese farmers and agri-food business owners  
  3. Meetings with Chinese and Canadian government officials and agencies
  4. Meetings with leading Chinese and/or Canadian agri-businesses
  5. Workshops and seminars on agriculture and agri-food businesses in China
  6. Orientation to resources available to support Sino-Canadian agri-business ventures
  7. Visits to Chinese agricultural exhibitions, agri-fairs, and special agri-food exhibitions
  8. Internal networking sessions with fellow mission participants
  9. Optional business matching 


Types of Chinese Agri-tours


Types  Main Characteristics 

Group A:

General Chinese agri-tours for Canadians

A two week tour that takes you to many of China’s most popular attractions and includes a general agri-tour.


Group B:

Specialized agri-business tours for Canadians

A two week tour that takes you to many of China’s most popular attractions and focuses on finding business partners and opportunities. You will meet with Chinese business owners and government officials, and Canadian trade officers.

This tour is designed for Canadian vegetable growers, mushroom growers, fruit growers, dairy farmers, food processing companies, greenhouse industry businesses, landscape industry businesses, pork industry businesses, wine industry businesses, and soybean industry businesses.......


Group C:

Special academic professional tours for Canadians

A two week tour that takes you to many of China’s most popular attractions and focuses on finding partners and opportunities with Chinese academic institutions, professionals and local governments.


Group D:

Government officials

A two week tour that takes you to many of China’s most popular attractions and focuses on creating joint agriculturally-based economic projects between Canada and China.

15 Day Agri-Tour - Best of Mainland China 1 – Example of a Typical Tour                        

                              -Best of Mainland China 2 – Example of a Typical Tour with Yangtze Cruising    

Our Client Testimony

Canadian Tour and Agritour to China 2010: 

 Agritour China, China tour, China Agribusiness

China Agri-business tour Feb 2009: 


    SRI Inc. enrolled the services of the Canada-China Agriculture and Food Development Exchange Centre (CCAgr) in early 2009.  Our mission was to develop networks and relationships with government and academic entities and explore technology and personnel exchange opportunities between Universities and Industries.

Youming Zhao and his team were instrumental in assisting SRI Inc. in achieving every mission objective while in China.  Zhao’s contacts run strong and wide throughout China and his understanding of the culture and language enriched our experience.     

We look forward to continue working with the CCAgr and our new friends in China during the coming months and years ahead.

George Scott

President of SRI Inc. Ontario, Canada
 China  agritour, China agribusiness  China agricultural  tour, Canada-China  Business

China Agri-business tour October,2008

    Mr. Zhao and I travelled to China in October, 2008 to explore opportunities and to meet many of the key government and private sector players.

   I was deeply impressed by his ability to move within people there. It was obvious that important people in China had great respect for him and were eager to work with him through the Canada-China Agriculture and Food Development Centre.

    On this one short trip we identified two opportunities for sharing Canadian technology and expertise that would be of potential benefit to Canadian farmers in the supply managed sectors.

    Mr.Zhao has lots of contacts in China plus the knowledge of Chinese language and culture which will enable him to bridge the gap between China and Canada.  


Dr. Douglas Yungblut, P.Ag.

Past-president of Ontario Institute of Agrologists. 

Vice President of  Agricultural Institute of Canada (AIC)

China Agritour
Chinese agricultual tour


 Let us create a perfect itinerary just for you. Tell us what your interests are, the ambience and type of destination you're looking for, the agri shows or events you’d like to attend, the dates you'd like to travel, and the type of hotel that you like to stay at. The more you can tell us, the better we'll be able to customize the perfect journey for you. Please complete the questionnaire below so we can get back to you with your custom designed travel package. Please fill out this application form and let us do the rest for you.          OR contact us first by email

Twelve Girls Band, features twelve of China's most gifted musicians playing traditional Chinese instruments

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