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Canada-China Agriculture, Food Development Excahnge Centre
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Our Experience

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Customizing Your China Strategy!

The Canada-China Agriculture and Food Development Exchange Centre, also known as the CCAgr, is a private company that actively promotes Canadian and Chinese cooperation and exchange through the agricultural and agri-food industries. With over 26 years of agriculture and agri-business experience, the CCAgr is ready to assist you in establishing your business in China.

Through our private consulting services, we organize seminars on how to do business in China, catered to your industry’s needs and wants. These seminars can be done face to face or through online training. Our “Doing Business in China” seminars are specific to your business and will offer the following necessary knowledge and assistance you need to enter China’s market:

1.       Introduction to China’s political system

2.       China’s business environment

3.       How to run an agricultural business in China

4.       Strategizing – how your business will fit in China’s marketplace

5.       Promoting your business and products in China

6.       Monitoring your business in China through the CCAgr

The CCAgr will help your business research the Chinese marketplace as well as assist you with appropriately and successfully integrating your company’s products and services into the market. The market strategies we create for your will dramatically increase your probabilities to succeed in China. Once we have developed your entrance strategy, we will assist you in promoting your products/services in the Chinese marketplace through our numerous connections with the Chinese business sector as well as with the organization of promotional events, newspaper articles, and other forms of media attention. Many people are unaware that websites and social media sites that are common to Canada and the U.S such as: Google, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and others, cannot be accessed in China. The CCAgr will help you access and develop China’s version of these sites so you can properly promote your services and products. A comparison of Canada and China’s social networking companies are listed below. Not only will you gain exposure from these sites, but we will also advertise for you on our two Chinese websites. Our websites are tailored to meet the specific needs of Chinese and Chinese-Canadian businessmen, buyers and suppliers, local government figures, industry leaders and investors interested in Canada’s agricultural sector. We make all the necessary arrangements to connect you with these people and help you build a strong, lasting relationship. We will facilitate contract negotiations and properly prepare you for the shift into international sales, including setting up your office overseas.  

Today, every Canadian agriculture and agri-food company needs a "China Strategy". We represent Canadian agriculture, the Canadian regulatory system and the opportunities Canada has in the booming Chinese marketplace. We have the expertise in bridging the gaps between the Eastern and Western business cultures and can be your link to new markets. Contact the CCAgr and get started on your “China Strategy” today! 

                                                     social media comparison

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