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Canada-China Agriculture, Food Development Excahnge Centre
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Our Experience

Our Experience

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Our Vision

Canadian Organic Food and Healthy Living Stores in China and Asia


Canadian food store
Diverse Ethnic food stores and restaurants in Canada:

How about Canadian Stores in China and Asia??

How about expanding
 the Vision to other healthy living products?


The concept of our new venture is:

  • To have the largest and most respected Canadian stores in China
  • To be the largest exporter of 100% Canadian Food and healthy living products
  • To earn recognition from the Canadian and Chinese governments, professional associations and agri-producers
  • To promote Canada’s image as a producer of healthy, safe quality food products
  • To be monitored by the Canadian Associations of Manufacturers, Producers and Agri-food Professionals on random visits.  They will make sure that all of the stores maintain Canadian Standards and remain 100% Canadian in the products they carry. After completing a full market analysis including a China Market Evaluation, a China Partner Search and a Chinese Policy Research all three had positive results.

Products to be available in our stores:

  • Canadian organic food, agri-food, Canadian dairy products
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Canadian wines, ice wines and juices
  • Canadian ginseng, herbs, natural and functional foods
  • Canadian beef, pork and fishery
  • Canadian pet foods
  • Canadian healthy living technologies, educational and knowledge based products for healthy living
  • Canadian In-Store Restaurant – taste of True Canadian flavour!!

We are looking for 100% Canadian food and natural food products for our stores from our agri-friends across the country.


Why Should You Invest?

You are investing in the growing Canadian agri-food and healthy living industry export market!!

You are investing in the world’s major emerging market, with huge potential return!

You are investing in a 100% Canadian owned Company!


Contact US:

Please notify us as soon as possible if you are interested in finding out more details about this fantastic opportunity to export your products to China to fill our stores.  Let us help you grow your agri-business.


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