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The First Ever Canadian Agriculture,  Agri-food and Bio-industry Investment Attraction Mission to China

Chinese Investors Interested in Canadian Canola Crush Processing & Importing






The First Ever Canadian Agriculture,  Agri-food and

Bio-industry Investment Attraction Mission to China


China’s “Go Global Strategy” and Your Opportunity to Grow Your Agri-business!


Exciting News for CCAgr’s Agri-Business Friends,

Join us for what could be the most important business venture you might ever partake in.

Experience with us our first large scale Agriculture and Agri-food Investment Attraction, the Fifth Chinese Enterprises Outbound Investment Conference on April 27-28, at the Beijing International Hotel, Beijing.  This is a two-day conference for Chinese firms interested in investing outside China and an “Invest in Canada” seminar that is organized within it.  Upon arrival there will be greetings from the Canadian Embassy in China.

The “Invest in Canada” seminar will focus on investment in Canada’s resources and Agri-food sector.  Speeches which target practical examples, case studies and experiences shared by Chinese firms already invested in Canada will be presented by companies looking to sponsor.

Canadian Agriculture and Agri-food firms seeking investment are strongly encouraged to attend this unique opportunity.  Contact us ahead of time so we can find out what exactly you are hoping to accomplish at this conference and we can look into partnering your business with one or more in China, so that when you arrive things will already be in motion so you can further discuss with them the business venture you hope to share.  While we are there we will also be able to consult with potential Chinese investors about Agriculture and Agri-food partnerships.

The two-day program consists of lecture sessions, geographic investment sessions, and sectorial seminars, plus a welcoming dinner at which sponsors can invite potential investors. The event is designed to assist Chinese enterprises to invest globally in accordance with China's “Go Global Strategy”.

With four successful years behind it, this program will attract approximately 800 participants for top Chinese companies. This event is supported by China Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs, State Administration of Taxation, and the Development Research Centre of the State Council, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The extensive amount of support shown here is a testimony to the success of this Investment Conference and an event you don’t want to miss out on and then wish you hadn’t.


Key Highlights of Investment Attraction Mission:

  • Participant will have an opportunity to meet some of the largest investors in China who are looking for investment opportunities in Canadian agriculture and agri-food industry

  • Custom tailored service with focus towards your area of agri-business and partnerships

  • Obtain invaluable advices from the Canadian Embassy, Canadian Trade officers, and Canadian business representatives in China face –by-face 

  • Consulting and advice for you to do agri-business with China

  • Gain an understanding of modern Chinese politics

  • Have internal networking sessions with fellow mission participants

  • Become part of China’s bright and rapidly-developing future


Our Tentative Travel Agenda and Program Schedule:

Day 1.  April 25, Monday: take Air Canada to China

Day 2.  April 26, Tuesday: arrive in Beijing in the Afternoon. Evening, enjoy welcoming dinner and city night sight seeing

Day 3.   April 27, Wednesday:

  • General session in the Morning

  • Meeting  with Canadian Embassy officials, Canadian Trade Officers and Canadian Business Communities in China

  • Meet Chinese Investors and key Chinese Government Officers for your business interests

  • Attend  “Invest in Canadian agriculture and Agri-food” sessions in the Afternoon

Day 4. April 28, Thursday:

  • Sectorial sessions on investment in Canadian Agriculture and Agri-food industry

  • Organized matchmaking sessions

  • Sign potential investment/partnership memorandum with Chinese investors

Day 5. April 29, Friday: Day time tour of Beijing, climb the Great Wall, visit Forbidden City, Evening take Air Canada direct flight to Canada

Other arrangements: After Day 5 if you wish to remain in China longer and meet with your potential partner, or focus on your specialized area of agri-business, you could have this extension of the mission customized according to your requirements and take an Agri-food Tour across China to the areas that interest you.  If this is of interest to you, contact us immediately so that we can take the time to customize your travel agenda.


Who Should Attend from Canada?

1. Companies in search of investment from or cooperation with Chinese firms, and Agri-businesses (please send your profile to us well in advance to facilitate invitation of interested investors)

Sectors include:

  • Agriculture and Agri-food

  • Agri-Financial Services

  • Agri- Real Estate

  • Renewable energy

  • Bio-pharmaceuticals

  • New energy

  • Bio-automotive

  • Mining

2. Provincial and city economic development representatives seeking investment in their communities in Agriculture and Agri-food.

If you are interested in joining us for our Canadian Agriculture and Agri-food Team for this exciting adventure with its endless possibilities, register now!

If you have any questions please contact us by toll free phone @ 1-877-949-0045 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Let us know just what you are looking for and we can put the partnering in motion so that when you arrive the ground work is laid.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon.  Thank you for your time.





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Chinese Investors Interested in Canadian Canola Crush Processing & Importing


The following is an excerpt from the Country Guide, January 30, 2011 regarding news coming out of China recently for the extraordinarily high demand for excellent quality Canola oil.

Chinese Firm, Saskatchewan Processor Eye New Canola Crush Plant

“A Regina company making biodiesel from canola has connected with a Chinese agri-food firm to consider even more canola crushing capacity on the Prairies.


Clean Power Concepts, which through its General Bio Energy arm runs a Canola crush plant and biodiesel refinery in east-central Regina, on Friday, announced a memo of understanding with China's Chongqing Grain Group for a feasibility study toward a possible joint-venture crush plant that would process 600,000 tonnes of canola per year into oil for the food market.


By comparison, Richardson International's new canola crushing facility at Yorkton, Sask., has a capacity of about 840,000 tonnes per year, while the new Louis Dreyfus/Mitsui joint venture, also at Yorkton, is built to handle 850,000.


Clean Power, whose Regina facility can handle about 50,000 tonnes of canola annually, said in late December it had signed a letter of intent with Chongqing to supply crude canola oil to the Chinese firm.


But the memorandum announced Friday commits Chongqing to be the joint venture's majority owner and to buy all oil output from the plant, which the partners propose to build at a still-undecided location in Western Canada.


Clean Power Concepts, meanwhile, would design, build and manage the facility.

 "Our partners in China have immediate demand for the planned capacity of the new canola plant," Clean Power Concepts CEO Mike Shenher said in Friday's release.


 "The site, while not yet selected, will be situated close to railway transportation transit points available in Western Canada to ensure logistical efficiency."


CCAgr’s office in China has just passed on a request to us here at Head office in Hamilton from a Chinese investor wanting to invest in Canada in the Canola industry too. 

The market demand in China is increasing rapidly.  We are working together with the Chinese investor, who is looking to fulfill China’s growing market demand for Canola oil, do one of two things when investing here in Canada:

  1. Purchase a processing plant that is already in operation here with the intention of expanding the plant and production level to meet the enormous demand for high quality vegetable oil in China.


  1. A fresh new start, building a brand new company from the ground floor up, looking for a joint investment with a Canadian company.

The Canadian partner must have exemplary experience in the processing, supplying and marketing of this product second to none.

If you are interested in joining together and partnering with our very motivated Chinese client to produce the highest quality Canola oil available and fulfill China’s exceptional need for it, please contact us as soon as possible.






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