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Canada-China Agriculture, Food Development Excahnge Centre
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Canada-China Agriculture and Food Development Exchange Center

— an Advocate for Canadian Chinese Farming Partnerships

farming investmentReported by Victoria Italiano

Toronto, May 14, 2011 -- The Canada-China Agriculture and Food Development Exchange Center (CCAGR) was greatly enthused with the turn out of the 3rd annual Canadian Chinese Farming Seminar that took place on Saturday May 14 2011. With an audience of over eighty people, including Canadian Chinese farmers and investors, the room was full and eager people were gathered down the hallway.

Finance Weekly magazine invited Mr. Youming Zhao P. Ag, to speak at this annual event to promote the collaboration of Canadian farming and Chinese investment, and to educate the Canadian Chinese community of the benefits of CCAgr’s services in this sector.

Mr. Zhao spoke primarily of farming investment management, farmer’s risk management, and also explained why Chinese investment is beneficial to both Canadian farmers and Canadian Chinese businesses.

There are several reasons as to why Chinese investment is particularly important and beneficial to Canadian Chinese farming that Mr. Zhao spoke extensively on.

First of all, Chinese investment can assist in the creation of a brand new generation of budding farmers with new and innovative ideas or methods for farming and farm development. This investment will in turn, increases the pool of knowledge within the business. With the extensive partnership of the Chinese investment and involvement in the Canada Chinese farming industry, there is a large spread of diversity through business practise and development which is highly encouraged in the Canadian multicultural society.

Also, as Canada is an extremely multicultural society, the promotion of ethnic vegetable and agri-food is rapidly growing as market demand increases.  Chinese investment and management can largely impact the future success of the booming Canadian farming industry.

In addition to the benefits that lie between Chinese investment and Canadian farming, a high emphasis was put on investment management of Canadian farms and the promotion of farming management.

Because CCAgr is dedicated to bridging the gap between Canadian agricultural development and Chinese investment opportunities, there is a high focus on business risk management. Mr. Zhao educated the audience by identifying key reasons as to why past Canadian Chinese farming businesses have failed, and suggested possible solutions to the problems.

Mr. Zhao spoke about farming investment management to share his knowledge of agri-rural environment protection to strengthen the maintenance of the agricultural farming and agri-food industry.

To conclude, the audience was educated of the training programs that CCAgr offers to Canadian Chinese farmers; in an attempt to strengthen Canadian farming business’ risk management strategy. These programs also help in areas that include agricultural science, technology and economic policy.



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